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Burbank, CA

An indie game company!

An indie game company!

When we built Tic Toc Games in 2011, we started with a love of games and a commitment to compelling and engaging stories for all levels of players. Since then, we’ve built a portfolio of games that include Funko Pop! Blitz, Adventures of Pip, Pug Run, Wheel Of Fortune: Puzzle Pop – all of which have delighted players and earned awards for their technology and innovation.

In 2018, we expanded Tic Toc Games with a sister studio in Manila, Philippines, bringing on outstanding programmers, artists, producers, and all the people who help make games happen.

Our two studios work hand-in-hand around the clock to make great games people love to play.

Tic Toc Games is a full-service developer for hire, with a seasoned staff of artists, designers, programmers, and production managers who have created fun and addicting content based on some of the biggest properties out there from Sony, Disney, Nickelodeon, Lucasfilm, and more.

We’re also committed to creating our own original games! Adventures of Pip launched in 2015 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and we have more delightful experiences coming your way soon.